Agricultural & Farming Equipment By Fieldmaster

Made in NZ, with a proud history of supplying the finest agricultural,
horticultural and viticultural machinery since 1955!


Fieldmaster has a proud history of supplying the Southern Hemisphere with some of the world’s finest equipment for mowing and now offers specialist products for airports and race courses as well as smooth-cut mowers for sports fields and parks, and rough-cut mowers for road verges and wilder areas.

Many municipal applications do not need heavy duty steel mowers, so Fieldmaster is leading the world in the application of composite technology.
A carbon-fibre deck weighs a tenth of what a steel one does, and every 10hp less a tractor requires is a potential saving of $6-10,000 a year in fuel alone!
A simple, but innovative new system is finally available as an alternative to the conventional old flail drum style mulchers: The 'GMM series Multicut Rotary Mulcher'
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Jacks Machinery (1992) Ltd
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Jacks Machinery (1992) Ltd
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