Pearson Engineering’s range of agricultural equipment is manufactured to fit your tractor.  Our hard wearing farm equipment is made to world class standards using high quality, strong materials and components. It is designed to be easy to mount or connect and maintain as needed.

There are extra capacity loader attachments, large tractor bucket sizes, Quickhitch couplings, cutting blades, slurry tanks, pond stirrers and a lot more.

buckets-209   telehandler buckets-305   clamps-348
Buckets   Telehandler Buckets   Clamps
effluent-865   forks-270   grabs-369
Effluent   Forks   Grabs
grader blades-401   grapples-962   loaders-30
Grader Blades   Grapples   Loaders
quickhitches-647   outdoor fires-648   all implements-425
Quickhitches   Outdoor Fires   All Implements