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In 1964 the Maschio brothers manufactured the first Maschio rotary tiller in their small workshop, appropriately nick-named 'the home of small tillers.'
Today Maschio Gaspardo is an international group, specialising in the production of agricultural machinery for tillage, sowing, seeding, landscaping, forage-making and crop care.
The group markets and distributes its wide product range under two major brands - Maschio and Gaspardo. The line-up includes rotary tillers, power harrows, precision planters, cereal seed drills, combination cultivator-drills, flail-mowers and minimum tillage equipment.
The company has 6 large production plants, 3 in Italy and 3 in Romania, India and Chine. In addition, Maschio Gaspardo has 8 sales branches located in Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, North America and South Korea.


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